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Dec. 30th, 2016 01:54 pm
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So, there is weird stuff going on with Livejournal. More details at the linked post, but the short summary is a) the Livejournal servers are now located in Russia b) the Russian government now has access to everything posted on Livejournal, including friendslocked and private posts and c) there are unconfirmed rumors of Russian-language accounts and posts being purged.

Given this, it seemed prudent to log in to my long-dormant Dreamwidth account and import my Livejournal. For now, until the situation is clearer, I'm going to be posting on Dreamwidth and having the posts cross-post to Livejournal. I don't intend to jump ship on Livejournal right away - I'll still be reading and responding to comments posted there - but it seems prudent to have a backup against the possibility that Livejournal will become unusable or become a platform that I no longer want to use.

If you're reading this and you're also on Dreamwidth, feel free to find me over at

Not dead

May. 18th, 2016 12:29 pm
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...nor have I abandoned livejournal. Stuff happened in mid-March and April, and things got very hectic for a while, and I didn't really want to blog about it. Things are more or less back on track, and we will be restoring normality as soon as we are certain what is normal anyway.
Since I last updated Firefox about a week ago, accessing livejournal seems to give me an endless series of messages reading "This web page is being redirected to a new location. Would you like to resend the form data you have typed to the new location?"

As far as I can tell, nothing is actually being redirected anywhere. If I click OK, I can use the site for a minute or two and then I get another popup message.

The site behaves fine in Safari and Chrome, so for now my solution is "Use something other than Firefox to access LJ." But I'm curious whether anyone else has seen this problem and knows of a fix. (Eventually I will sit down and do a serious search for a solution. But I'm too busy and not quite annoyed enough right now, so I thought I'd go the lazywebs route.)
So, I've been having a very odd problem with LJ's new visual icon selection tool on commenting pages, and a cursory google search doesn't turn up anything specifically about this in the midst of the general (largely justifiable) complaints about the new commenting interface. Basically, about 7 out of 10 comments I make with the new interface end up posting with my default LJ userpic, instead of the one I've carefully selected in the whizzy visual selection tool. This is irritating. I mean, my default icon is generally fine. That's why it's my default. But the other ones would like a chance to play, too.

Is it just me? Is there a fix?

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Jul. 28th, 2011 05:57 pm
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So, given LJ's ongoing service woes, I'm dusting off my dreamwidth account and enabling cross-posting. If you're seeing this on LJ, it worked. I'm unlikely to abandon LJ unless and until it stops being a place with a substantial community of people that I want to read and converse with, but it seems wise to have a backup.

If you're already on dreamwidth, and we're friends on LJ, please do track me down and add me if you see fit.

If you're not on dreamwidth, and you'd also like an LJ-like backup blogging option, I have a few invites available. Comment and I'll send you one if I've still got them. (For those not familiar with dreamwidth, it's built on the same underlying code base as LJ, with some tweaks and improvements - for example, it separates the "grant this person access to my locked posts" function from the "I want to read this person's updates on a consolidated page" function that LJ lumps together under "friending".)
So, in light of LJs woes, I've dusted off my dreamwidth account. In theory I've also configured it to crosspost to LJ, but the DOS attack on LJ seems to have buggered that up, at least temporarily. Really I'm hoping that LJ will get this sorted out and things will go back to normal, but at the moment it seems wise to have an alternative blogly venue.

And of course, you can always find more of my blathering on twitter and Google Plus.

Ugh, spam

Feb. 25th, 2010 09:15 am
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In the past day or so, I've been plagued by comment spam on this post, in the form of increasingly insulting weight-loss ads. Joy. I've disabled commenting on that post - we'll see if that foils the spam.
I've been vaguely wondering whether I should cross-post my twitter updates or my book reviews from Goodreads over to my LJ. Part of me thinks that this is a cool idea; part of me thinks that anyone who is really interested is probably either following me over on twitter (or has friended me on Facebook, where my twitter updates are cross-posted) or has friended me on Goodreads.

So, here's a poll. Feel free to elaborate on answers in comments.

[Poll #1450201]
So, I've been playing around with the BBC's new iPlayer RSS feeds. Seems like a potentially neat way to keep an eye on what's new on iPlayer, and avoid that problem of hearing about an interesting program *just* after it's no longer available.

I created a syndicated LJ account for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Radio programs feed: So, if you want to use LJ to keep track of science fiction and fantasy radio on iPlayer, add that to your friends list. It seems to be a bit slow to update, but we'll see how it goes. If it actually helps me keep track of programs I'm interested in, I might create some other syndicated feeds.
I've spent a little time this weekend tidying up my various 'net presences. I've done a long overdue revamp of my homepage, updating my bio a tad, revamping my Links page, and replacing links to the woefully out-of-date online copy of the my resume with links to my LinkedIn profile, which at least has a prayer of getting updated now and then. (I have very little evidence that anyone has ever looked at my online resume. I do know that people occasionally look at my LinkedIn profile.)

I've also figured out how to pull data from my GoodReads profile to display on my Facebook profile and on my livejournal. I really like using GoodReads as a way of tracking what I've been reading, but as a social networking tool, it's been a bit of a non-starter. Hardly anyone I know is using it. Now, if you're interested in what I've been reading recently, you can look at my livejournal's sidebar or my user profile, and see a list. (It's not perfect - it only seems to display the most recent items in the "Currently Reading" list, which means that a couple of big fat tomes that I've been sloooowly reading through for months do not appear on the list.)

The last item on the to-do list is to spiff up my LinkedIn profile a bit. I'm not really terribly motivated to do this, since I'm not actually looking for a job at the moment, but they do say that the time to do these sorts of things is when you're not looking for a job.
So, [ profile] mrissa asked how I was liking using Livejournal versus my old Journalscape journal. So far, I like it quite a bit. I'm planning on sticking with it, and more or less leaving my Journalscape journal on permanent hiatus.

One thing I'm noticing with Livejournal is that it's easier (and feels less silly) to dash off a very short post of a few lines. This has the advantage that I'm less likely to vanish off the face of the Internet when life gets busy. On the other hand, I'm well aware of the danger of this becoming "Wendy's New Improved Journal - Now with 54% more random and inane observations!"

Userpics are fun. And the ability to tag entries is entirely too much fun, as you can probably tell from my tag selections. (On the other hand, it's also useful when I want to see what I've posted on a particular subject.)

I get slightly more comments over here on LJ, which is nice.

I still have to look up the correct syntax every time I refer to another LJ user or do an LJ-cut, but I suppose I'll learn it in time.

I'm looking forward to figuring out how to customize my journal a bit more, which probably involves getting a paid account and all that good stuff.

In short, y'all are stuck with me. Have your friendslist filters ready!

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Jun. 10th, 2007 09:39 am
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So, I've been thinking for a while about actually using my livejournal account to, well, journal. Largely because my existing journal over on Journalscape is starting to feel like a bit of a backwater. And if part of the point of online journaling is to engage others in conversation, it makes more sense to go where the conversation is already happening.

Anyway, I haven't made any firm decisions - I'm rather attached to my Journalscape journal, which I've had for 5 years now. I probably won't stop posting to it right away. But expect to see a few posts popping up over here, as I try to figure out how this LJ thing works.

And now I'm off to Fry's to buy DVD shelves. Anyone wanna take bets on how much other unnecessary but nifty crap I come home with?